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My name is Johanna Brown and I absolutely love teaching science. This is my third year at Pullman High School, but I have previously worked as an educator in a variety of settings. I became a teacher, first of all, because I love working with people. I'm just lucky enough to also be passionate about science and to get to combine the two.

For my students, I believe in you and the absolute necessity of scientific literacy in our technologically advanced culture. Because of this, I adhere to the Next Generation Science Standards, use Process-Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning, implement standards-based grading, and push to incorporate hands-on engineering practices in the classroom. My hope for you is to feel more capable to work out scientific problems on your own, whether they arise in a future classroom or as part of your experiences out in the world. Never hesitate to contact me if you need help or have questions. 

Fellow educators, you can find my writing for the Puget Sound Education Service District here, where I muse about Standards-Based Grading, the NGSS, and creating Student-Centered Classrooms. Or connect with me on Twitter to join the voices of Teacher Leaders across the great state of Washington! #WATeachLead I am currently engaged with science education as a Washington State OSPI Science Fellow, where I continue my own growth as a science educator. 

"Don't forget to be awesome" - Hank Green

-Ms. Brown

phone: 509.332.1551 ext. 242


twitter: @johannabrown

instagram: chem.phs

room: 520