If you plan to take a standardized test:

SAT-II Chemistry Subject Test: Students wishing to take this exam should do a few practice tests and some extra studying outside of class to ensure a high score, but otherwise they should feel very solid in their understanding of chemistry.

AP Chemistry Test: Honors Chemistry at PHS will not fully prepare you for the AP test. AP Chemistry is designed by the College Board to be a second-year chemistry class. I have done my best to plan that Honors Chemistry is completing more AP-aligned work. Over the past two years, I have had motivated Honors Chemistry students who sat the AP exam and passed with high marks. If you plan to take the AP Chemistry Test I suggest purchasing an AP Book and for them to begin studying as early as possible.

Opting In or Out

Students must decide that they want to opt in to Honors Chemistry by the end of  September 29th. To opt in, they will need to fill out a short questionnaire and turn in the first honors assignment.

Students then have until November 3rd to decide if they wish to remain in Honors Chemistry. To opt out, students need to fill out a short questionnaire and complete the traditional mid-term. After that date, there will be no way to switch between Honors and Traditional until spring semester.



Honors Standards

Unit 0: AN Extension of Numbers

UNIT 1: An Extension of States

Unit 2: Coulombic Calculations

Unit 3: Mass Spectrometry

Unit 4: Orbital Hybridization

Unit 5: Equilibrium Calculations

  • Hank Green on Equilibrium Calculations (go to 4:21)